I'm always shooting my mouth off.  Philsophizing, over analyizing.  Talking about things I have no clue about but acting as if I do.  Now I figure I'd start increasing my range of annoyed listeners by posting here.  My first blog.   Chewbacca Emoji Whooo!

I'm calling it a Transparent Life Blog (patent pending).  Truman Show but starring a nobody. In an age of shrinking privacy (something I've held in high regard), due to the number of devices with cameras, microphones, GPS...thingies, Government approved survailence on every street corner.  I've decided to take the opposite approach and put it all out there.

At first, a bit of tech talk or web programming (geared towards what it takes to have a successful blog), but severely dumbed down.  Not by choice, but by the fact that I'll never be as technical as I view myself in my own mind - delusions of grandeur, with the emergence of fully being honest with myself. 

So I may be tackling difficult subjects and challenges, but through my own voice of someone who struggles as much as the common man.  Hopefully that translates well, and is relatable on a human level. 

And when it's not tech, then it's just going to be my day.  A journal - Don't call it a diary! 

And since it's me, my personal iSelf that will be plastered on these digital walls, there's going to be a good bit of just pure Nerdom.  


Which is really really the only thing I'm good at talking about.

Call it a project, call it daily carthsis, and yet a launching point, releasing all my strange blogging ideas 1 x 1, through different channels - whichever is most appropriate for the topic.  Instagram and Beagles anyone?   Youtube and Thrift shop tactics?  Cross-Posting to Medum.com and Flickr.  Wait wait is that bad?!  I've read about that somewhere.  Let's call it "Cross-Promoting" instead.  Ahh that sounds better.  Is there any room for Facebook and Tweeter at that point?  And that's where my analytical side may take over.  And in the end it may just come down to the gut.  

Instead of putting all my carts in front of my meager horse, getting too ahead of myself or distracted by Netflix and/or downloading Fortnite "just to see what it's about."  Hopefully, I'll be on here burning the midnight oil.  Chunking the elephant.  Making blogging and marketing discoveries, then sharing the pain points with you the audience.   And maybe just finding how long a blog post should actuallly be.  Cause I'm at 438 words right now.  And I'm wondering if anyone is going to to make it through the first sentence.   

Full Stop


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