As a blogger who wants to save time cross-posting, I had the thought to have my Instagram Photo and Video posts auto-magically synced to other social/blog platforms. Then I discovered that Instagram has this feature built in - To instantly post to other platforms. Which was a factor in me deciding to use Instagram in the first place.

But after I signed up, and went through my Instagram account options, I could not find a sync to Flickr. There was Facebook and maybe a few others. After some light googling, I found that the sync to Flickr feature was taken out. Could be due to lack of usage or a feud with Yahoo, no time to care.

Fortunately, in some of these threads, people indicated that it was easy to do with I just happened to have an account for that as I've experiemented with it in the past.

So here goes, my step-by-step how to:


  • Instagram account - Duh
  • Flickr account - Double Duh

The Steps:

  1. Sign up for an if you don't have one already
    1. Ifttt (If This than That) makes this type of syncing fairly easy by already providing API (Application Programming Interface) support - or building blocks if you will - for several popular sites, that you may want to create interactions between.
  2. Once logged into IFTTT, at the top right, click your username then "New Applet"
    1. I2Fa.JPG
  3. You will then be taken to a screen with a simple yet somewhat mysterious message
    1. I2Fb.JPG
      1. + this is a clickable link.  Go ahead, click it.
  4. Search or scroll to the Instagram Logo and click it.
    1. Click "Connect" to log into the Instagram service if you aren't already logged in from your browser or app.
  5. Then choose the Trigger "Any new photo by you."
    1. I2Fc.JPG
  6. You will be brought back to the mysterious if this then that message but this time it will have + that as a clickable link.  Click it.
  7. Now choose Flickr.
  8. Your only option now is to click on "Upload a public photo from URL."  Which will take you to this screen.
    1. I2Fd.JPG
      1. I left all of the fields as default which I found satisfactory in my testing.  As I'll show you in a moment.
  9. Click "Create action."
  10. Click "Finish."
  11. For Instagram Video, repeat all of these steps again but at the Choose Trigger screen, choose "Any new video by you" this time.
  12. Finally, post to Instagram!

After some time, in your Flickr Photostream you should see your newly posted Instagram posts.  I believe IFTTT queues up these actions (remember they have a myriad of customer's Applets to work through), so that's why you may see a delay.  If you can't wait that long, go back into IFTTT, click on "My Applets," find and click on the big red block for your Instagram Applet that you created.

You should see a screen with this:


Click on the big "Check Now" button and that should make the process run near immediately. 

The Proof:

Log into your Flickr and find your Photostream.  I did this by hovering over the You link on the top nav then clicking Photostream.

See your instagrams!

The title of each will be your Instagram Caption (if any).

Clicking on a photo will show you where IFTTT stuck the rest of your fields from Instagram.




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